Madison Osborne Art

Artist Bio:

Madison Osborne is a visual artist from Greenville, SC. The main mediums in which she works are printmaking, drawing, and painting. Madison received her BFA in Visual Arts with an emphasis in printmaking from Clemson University. Her work is currently focusing on themes of human behavior, specifically the behavior she deems to be absurd or negative, and relationships of power between the male and female. She has recently exhibited her work in the 4th Annual Collegiate Invitational Art Exhibition 2016, as well as the Connections and Conversations Exhibition 2016.


Artist Statement:

My practice comments on individual human behaviors within the context of our larger society that could be considered negative or absurd. The artworks utilize animal and human figures, alone or in tandem, as metaphorical devices. Psychology and instinct combine to deliver social commentaries. The artworks critically address notions of addiction, consumerism, and interpersonal power dynamics. The viewer is asked to question the things that motivate us and why we chose to behave as we do.  


The artworks specifically address relationships of male-female power dynamics. The imagery is derived from my personal experiences in life or from my observations of the inner workings of our society. In these artworks the dominant figure in the relationship varies according to specific interactions or ways in which power is exercised. For example, the artwork titled Committedly Uncommitted deals with an unbalanced relationship. Where she is entirely devoted and open towards him, which is evident in her gaze as well as her open-toed shoes, the male is closed off and turned away. He is there with her but his gaze wanders elsewhere.

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